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The data and code of the lab's research projects are available here


Crucial to our lives is our ability to remember events from our past. Such memories, termed “episodic memories”, allow us to mentally travel back in time, re-experience and reflect on our past, and imagine the future. Once episodic information is stored (encoded), a retrieval cue interacts with this stored information to yield a memory. But what happens beyond this basic interaction? Our memories rely on a wide ensemble of cognitive processes, that determine if, how, and what we remember. Our research looks into these multifaceted aspects that shape our episodic memories.

Key Publications

Tibon, R., Fuhrmann, D., Levy, D.A., Simons, J., & Henson, R. Multimodal integration and vividness in the angular gyrus during episodic encoding and retrieval. Journal of Neuroscience.

Li, B., Hen, M., Guo, C., & Tibon, R. Unitization modulates recognition of within-domain and cross-domain associations: Evidence from event related potentials. Psychophysiology

Tibon, R., Greve, A., & Henson, R. The missing link? Testing a schema account of unitization. Memory & Cognition.


With the increasing proportion of older adults in the worldwide population, there is a pressing need to understand the neurobiology of cognitive ageing. Current times provide unique and exciting opportunities in this respect. In particular, with large-scale datasets becoming increasingly available, we can now explore non-linear relations, look further into individual differences, and employ advanced computational methods to gain insights into the complex relations between ageing, cognition, and the brain. In our research, we interrogate large-scale datasets, in order to tackle broad questions related to cognitive ageing and dynamic functional connectivity.

Key Publications

Tibon, R., Tsvetanov, K. A., Price, D., Nesbitt, D., Cam-CAN, & Henson, R. Transient resting-state network dynamics in cognitive ageing. Neurobiology of Aging.

Tibon, R., Cam-CAN, & Tsvetanov, K. A. The "neural shift" of sleep quality and cognitive ageing: A resting-state MEG study of transient neural dynamics.


We encourage open, robust, and reproducible science via code sharing and preregistration, via our contribution to collaborative projects outlining good scientific practice, and via our “prereg posters” initiative.


Key Publications


Galán, J. G. N., Krol, L. R., Combrisson, E., Dubarry, A. S., Elliott, M. A., François, C., ... Tibon, R., ... & Chaumon, M. Good Scientific Practice in MEEG Research: Progress and Perspectives. NeuroImage.

Tibon, R., CBU Open Science Committee, & Henson, R. Title TBA: Revising the abstract submission process. Trends in Cognitive Sciences.

Brouwers, K. I., Cooke, A., Chambers, C. D., Henson, R., & Tibon, R. Evidence for prereg posters as a novel platform for preregistration. Nature Human Behaviour.

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